Trauma replaces patterns of connection
with patterns of protection.
- Stephen Porges
(Copyright - artist Alexander Milow)

Trauma replaces patterns of connection
with patterns of protection.
- Stephen Porges
(Copyright - artist Alexander Milow)

Additionnal Training

The following is a list of courses that have further added to my knowledge of the human mind and body experience, giving me a wider variety of tools to use when working with my clients.


Certificate in ACE’s; Adverse Childhood Experiences and Early Trauma


Certificate in ‘Traumatic Stress Studies’

The Body Keeps the Score
Workshop on Developmental Trauma
Bessel Van Der Kolk, MD


Intensive course 2020: The Wisdom of Trauma
Dr. Gabor Maté

Embracing All of You; Compassionate Inquiry Meets Internal Family Systems (IFS)
Dr. Gabor Maté et Dr. Richard C. Schwartz


Certified in ‘Hub IFS’
Certified in ‘Circle IFS’
Certified in ‘Compassionate Self’
Certified in ‘Revitalizing Inner Resources’
Certified in ‘Greater Than the Sum of Our Parts’
Intensive Virtual IFS Annual Conference 2022
Continued training:
IFS continue 2023/24
Dr. Richard C. Schwartz, PhD (Founder of Internal Family Systems (IFS))

Healing the legacy of intergenerational trauma  from CIIS, San Francisco
Phase Oriented Trauma Treatment
Certificate in Somatic Embodiment & Regulation Strategies: Level 1,2,3
Linda Thai

Workshop ‘Somatic Strategies to Respond to the Interaction Between Shock and Developmental Trauma’
Dr. Peter A. Levin (Fondateur de ‘Somatic Experiencing’ (SE™))

Certificate in ‘Healing the Hidden Roots of Shame’
Healing Your Attachment Wounds
Dr. Diane Poole Heller

Certificate in ‘EMDR, CBT and Somatic-Based Interventions to Move Clients from Surviving to Thriving’
Trauma Recovery: A Mind-Body Approach to Becoming Whole
Arielle Schwartz, PhD

How to Work with Traumatic Memory That Is Embedded in the Nervous System
Ruth Buczynski, PhD

Intensive course:
Biology of Trauma 2.0
Biology of Trauma 3.0
Dr. Aimie Apegian, PhD

Polyvagal Theory
Dr. Stephen W. Porges, PhD et Deb Dona

CCTP (Certified Clinical Trauma Professional) Complex Trauma Training Level 1 & 2
Dr. Janina Fisher, PhD

Certificate in ‘the Collective Healing Journey’
Thomas Hübl

Certificate in ‘Connect. Restore. Reclaim.’
Thomas Hübl and Dr. Richard Schwartz

Social Justice Summit 2023
A 3 day workshop in social microaggressions (racism, gender and religion) and bullying

THE MASTER SERIES – Continued Training
Informational Workshop (Medical Clinics Specialising in Traumas and their Use of Ketamine, MDMA and Ayahuasca) –
Trauma Edition
May 2022 (Dr. Bessel van derKolk and Dr. Peter Levine)
Connection Edition
April 2022 (Dan Siegel and Johann Hari)
Imagination Edition
January 2022 (Dr. Gabor Maté, Dr. Richard Schwartz and Professor David Nutt)
Shame, Pain & Forgiveness Bundle
2022 and 2023 (Deran Young, Terry Real, Pat Ogden, Dr. Gita Vaid, Dr Isaac Mathai, Licia Sky, Dr. Wayne Kampers, Dr. Les Aria and Catherine Oxenberg)
A 4 day workshop in ‘UK Virtual Trauma Conference
2023, University of Oxford’
A 4 day workshop in ‘UK Virtual Trauma Conference
2024, ” University of Oxford – Got my ticket ! 😁

GCRR Religious Trauma Certification Course; Certification of Completion in Religious Trauma Studies endorsed by the Global Center for Religious Research

Certificate in ‘Flash Technique’
Dr. Philip Manfield, PhD
A bilateral technique that uses eye movement and/or taping to help resolve unprocessed trauma in the brain


The ‘Havening Touch’
Ronald A. Ruden
A method used to minimize anxiety using touch, sounds and sight.


Dr. David Grand
A brain-based method for healing trauma and expanding performance, and creativity.


Investigation Into the Somatic Dimensions of Awakening
The Practice of Pure Awareness
Mahamudra for the Modern World
Dr. Reggie Ray

Certificate in Mindfulness
Naropa University & the Aweke Network
Compassion Focused Therapy Training

Mindfulness Daily
Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach

Certificate in ‘The Power of Self-Compassion’
Dr. Kristin Neff and Dr. Chris Germer

Certificate in ‘The Mindsight Approach to Well-Being: A Comprehensive Course in Interpersonal Neurobiology’
Daniel J. Siegel

Certificate in ‘Train Your Brain for Happiness’
Additional course training:
The Compassionate Brain I & II
The Enlightened Brain
Dr. Rick Hanson, PhD

5 Day Workshop in Bogota, Colombia
Dr. Joe Dispenza

HeartMath Europe:
Advanced Practice in Cardiac Coherence
Reiner Krutti (Coach, Trainer and Instructor in the HeartMath Method)
HeartMath US :
Clinical certificate in ‘Stress, Anxiety and Emotional Regulation’

Certificate in ‘Inner Engineering’
Sadhguru (Yogi, Mystic & Visionary)

Certificate in ‘Free Your Brain Through Neuroergonomics’
Dr. Idriss Aberkane

ADHD Clinical Services Provider (ADHD-CCSP) Certification Course: Strength-based Interventions to Thrive with ADHD from Childhood to Adulthood

The Coaching Summit 2022
Certificates in ‘The Power of Embodied Transformation’
Certificates in ‘The Power of Presence’ School of Coach Rising the Netherlands

Certificate in ‘Keys to the Enneagram’
School of ‘Diamond Approach’

Healing Power of Relationships
Staying in Love: The Art of Fiercy Intimacy
Terry Real (Creator of Relational Life Therapy)

Certificate in ‘Grief Healing for Mind, Body and Spirit’
Moving our Minds and Bodies Through Grief: Experiential Techniques to Facilitate Healing from Loss
Healing After Loss: Tools for Navigating Grief
Finding Meaning in Loss: The Sixth Stage of Grief
Grief and Addiction
Grieving and Remembering Well: Tools for Healing
David Kessler

Advanced Grief Counseling Specialist (CAGCS) Certification: CBT, Somatic, Narrative Strategies & More (Online Course)

Master Li and Teacher Jing Sheng Zhen
Robert Peng YI JIN JING certified
Dr. Yang Qigong certified
Ken Cohen: Qigong Meditations and Breathing

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