My Mentors

My mentors are my teachers and/or inspiring people that have also had an important influence in my practice.

Robert Dilts (Maître et Coach en PNL)
Pioneer in life coaching, internationally renowned NLP Trainer and honorary member of the international society of NLP coaches “SICPNL” (Société internationale des coaches en PNL).
(Certification: NLP Master)

Bill O’Hanlon (Hypnose ericksonienne)
He was one of Milton Erickson’s students and his practice focuses on brief therapy. During one of my training courses taken with him I had the privilege of receiving a hypnosis session with him.
(Certification: Ericksonian Hypnotherapy)

Jean Monbourquette (Psychologue et Maître en PNL)
He was a psychologist and NLP Master who dedicated most of his practice to the grieving process.
(NLP certification: “Finding your life’s purpose”)

Michel Dufour (Praticien en PNL)
He teached NLP in Europe and North America and specialized in helping adults and children through drawing and by creating custom metaphors and allegories for their problems and learning difficulties.
(NLP certification)

Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet (Physicien)
He teaches the “Doubling Theory” of space and time through which we can change our future by having a very good knowledge of the laws of physics.
(Certification: “The future is now”)

Joanne Riou (PNL et Hypnose ericksonienne)
Ericksonian hypnotherapist and founder of the Quebec learning center for NLP “CQPNL” (Centre québécois de la PNL) 30 years ago. She is now an honorary member of the international society of NLP coaches “SICPNL” (Société internationale des coaches en PNL).
(Certifications: NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis)

Jean-Jacques Crèvecoeur (Auteur, physicien et cinéaste)
He has written several books and specializes in decoding movies in connection with people’s issues.
(Certification: “Getting to know yourself better through films”)

Gilbert Gagnon (Psychologue et Coach en PNL)
He is a psychologist and an NLP enthusiast. He was invited by Joanne Riou as a guest teacher at the CQPNL. He has had a great influence in my NLP approach.
(Various NLP certifications, among others “The core of identity: new NLP applications”)

Serge Marquis (Médecin et Coach en PNL)
Physician specialized in Community Health and Health in the work environment, especially stress and burnout. Also invited by Joanne Riou as a guest teacher at the CQPNL.
(NLP certification: “Transcendence”)

Cornélia Novac Oana (Hypnose et messages transgénérationnels)
She specializes in hypnotherapy and coined the term “Trans Generational Hypnosis” or “Trans Hypnosis”. Her work is aimed at helping us become a parent to our own inner the child. She is also an important influence in my practice.
(Year-long training in Trans Generational Hypnosis)

Mélanie Turgeon (Coach en PNL)
She is a former Canadian Olympic Skier and is now a performance coach.
(NLP certification: “Bringing out the champion in yourself/ourselves”)

Richard Moss (Médecin, Coach en PNL, coaching sur la conscience et auteur)
(NLP certification: “The mandala of being: discovering the power of awareness”)

Olivier Soulier (Médecin et auteur)
He is interested in symbols and the meaning of illness, sickness or disease.
(Certification: “The five circles of life”)

Louise Gervais (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
Author and trainer in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) also known as tapping. She translated books authored by EFT founder Gary Craig.

I’ve gotten trained in a trauma treatment modality (such as Brain spotting, EMDR, IFS, Havening Technique, or Flash Technique, to name a few),