Life Coach

What is a life coach? What can a life coach do for you? Who might need one?

A life coach can help an individual on the identity level. People going through difficult times or important life transitions can create erroneous links in their subconscious mind. A coach is helpful in guiding people through their limiting beliefs and behaviors and can also help someone develop a positive way of thinking in regards to painful experiences and then experience the well-being that follows.

A coach can bring out an individual’s strengths and boost performance. A coach knows how to observe behavior and give appropriate feed-back in order to spark and encourage personal growth. A coach knows how to use one’s resistance to help function better and move well through life.

On the identity level, coaching really means teamwork. This type of coaching can help an individual:

  • discover and clarify life direction
  • manage borders between SELF and OTHERS
  • identify beliefs supporting or limiting the identity
  • increase inner balance by incorporating new dimensions, perspectives
  • aim decisions towards ambitions rather than making fear-based decisions

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