The subconscious

The unconscious mind is our biography which means that everything is engraved on our lifeline (trauma, disappointment, stress, and so on).

About 2% of the information is retained at the conscious level while the other 98% is at the unconscious level. This deeper level in the unconscious mind is related for example to our individual biography, generations / family ancestry (children, parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents), historical and family contexts and values, all of which are part of each and every one of us.

Throughout Nature, there is a phenomenon that allows polarity to qualify for one or the other pole of a system. For example in the field of Electricity there is a negative and a positive pole, in Biology, a female and a male principle, etc. This means that from atoms to human beings to astrophysics systems these natural phenomena have two poles. Our human brain also suggests the idea of polarity with its two hemispheres so it is reasonable to think that the very structure of the brain has conditioned the duality of the human thought process.

EQ is the Emotional Quotient – our intuitive side – the brain’s right hemisphere
IQ is the Intelligence Quotient – our rational side – the brain’s left hemisphere