Hypnosis is a neutral tool which helps us connect consciously with our unconscious mind.

The practice of hypnosis dates back to the Pharaohs with Ramses II who had discovered the very significant virtues of hypnosis by motivating his army before combat.

Hypnosis helps individuals correct their habits or attitudes through dialogue between the conscious and the unconscious minds.

In hypnosis, the individual has the ability to focus and expand on a specific topic. There are several levels of hypnotic trance through which we can navigate (deep – semi-deep – light) and the scope of action is as beneficial.

Some people are afraid of being controlled by hypnosis; however in my approach, the goal is to leave the power in the hands of the person because I believe that all human beings have their own answer.

Ericksonian Hypnosis
Milton H. Erickson is considered the father of modern hypnotherapy and was an internationally renowned American psychiatrist. He was born in 1901 and died in 1980.

By combining and intertwining concepts and patterns of communication he revolutionized the practice of hypnosis. Although he specialized in medical hypnosis he only used formal hypnosis one-fifth of the time.

Dr Erickson worked with the metaphor which is a concrete word for an abstract one, a transfer of meaning by analogous situation, a figure of speech which consists in replacing word A by word B while there is an analogous relation between A and B.

He used the metaphor so that the individual would solve the problem indirectly. In order to solidly anchor the solution found by the client through imagery, he used a directive approach to ensure that no confusion would arise in the individual’s mind. His method is the foundation of one of the therapeutic approaches in hypnosis.

Trans-Hypnosis (Trans Generation)
We can consider that three family generations can be at the root of our problems.

How can you free yourself from unconscious loyalty or from what is not yours?