Consultation Topics

Feeling good is not a privilege but a NEED!

It’s Teamwork!

The reasons for consultation vary, contact me for an evaluation.

On the emotional level:

  • aggressiveness
  • greater well-being
  • knowing your limits
  • concentration
  • become more self-confident / feel better in your own skin
  • guilt
  • strategies for freeing yourself from addictions and bad habits
  • overcoming life’s challenges
  • adapting to change or transitions / difficult aspects of life
  • grief
  • hyper emotionality / hyper emotional
  • insecurity
  • jealousy
  • give yourself a chance to learn to live more and more in the present moment
  • forgiveness
  • fears
  • loss of interest
  • desensitizing, desensitization
  • tools for communicating in your relationship, marital and family problems
  • stress management
  • bring out limiting beliefs / shadow beliefs
  • train yourself to become more focussed and aware / awareness
  • sadness
  • dualism
  • make decisions
  • organizational and planning skills / getting structured
  • ambiguity in your life

On the physical level:

  • lack of direction
  • increase your concentration levels
  • intolerances / reactions of intolerance
  • understand the unconscious mind with the immune system and the nervous system
  • learn to love yourself
  • learn to eat well and balanced
  • learn to become and stay in shape
  • find natural sleep again / fall asleep naturally
  • breath freely
  • learn to take your place in your environment / become affirmative
  • pain management
  • stop deluding yourself / rid yourself from deluding behavior / cope with reality
  • find peace of mind / be at peace with yourself
  • speak in public

On the soul level

  • abandonment (1st of 5 basic wounds of the soul)
  • inferiority complex
  • sabotaging behaviors / feelings of failure
  • self-confidence
  • connecting to your instinct, your intuition
  • break away from karma
  • self-esteem
  • humiliation (2nd of 5 wounds of the soul)
  • injustice (3rd of 5 wounds of the soul)
  • messages through dreams
  • regression into childhood
  • rejection (4th of 5 wounds of the soul)
  • suicidal thoughts and feelings, destructive thoughts, deadly thoughts
  • betrayal (5th of 5 wounds of the soul)
  • discover your authentic Self
  • connect to your mission