The mission of my practice is to clear the limitations of the unconscious mind using tools such as hypnosis and / or Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). These techniques help release emotional issues related to memory problems, blockages, bad habits, self-image, distressing experiences, emotional shock, grief, lack of direction in life (coaching), fear, limitations, relationships, suicidal thoughts, etc. The most important in my therapeutic approach is to find the cause and not the effect because once the cause is found already 50% of the healing process has occurred. Then, with various tools, we create custom resources based on your needs and desires to guide you towards balance, well-being and freedom. Emotional and physical ailments are the result of energy deviations. Suffering has its inherent meaning which we need to uncover. Disease is a natural phenomenon resulting from being unaware of what we truly are fundamentally. Humans are always seeking to control, to manage what is outside themselves because they do not understand what is going on INSIDE. My mission is to bring awareness to your inner truth.